4 Benefits Of Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Keeping up on your heating and cooling system is important for any business. Whether you’re a property manager, small business owner or superintendent, you want to make sure your system is in great shape all year. Four benefits of commercial HVAC preventative maintenance are

  • Keeping your energy bills low
  • Reducing repair costs
  • Extending the life of your unit
  • Ensuring your warranty is valid

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4 Benefits Of Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Sure, you could wait for something to break before calling a professional. But, then you’ll spend more money to fix a bigger problem.

Benefits of preventative maintenance for a rooftop air conditioner

Let’s talk specifically about how preventative maintenance benefits affect a rooftop air conditioner. Sure, this works for any HVAC unit. But in the commercial world, these units are common. And, they’re often not as accessible as other installations.

That’s why you want a certified technician to check it out at least once a year before you begin using it. They’ll clean all the inner components and replace any worn or broken parts.

If you’re not able to peek in on it regularly, this is the best way to ensure it won’t break down in the middle of the summer. After all, that’s when the unit is working its hardest. If anything will go wrong, that’s when it will happen.

Keep your energy bills low

The better your AC is working, the less energy it will use. And, the less electricity it needs, the less you pay for.

When a tech cleans out a system, he optimizes it for the season. When all the parts are in good shape and properly lubricated, they work more efficiently.

Reduce repair costs

The next benefit to keeping all the parts in working order is reducing your repair costs.

For instance, let’s say a fan belt is ready to break. During regular service, we’d replace it before it snapped. If you wait, you’re going to pay extra.

First off, you’ll be without cooling in your building until you can schedule an appointment. Then, there’s a chance that something broke as a result of the unit running improperly for a while.

Extend the life of your unit

Your average AC unit lasts 15 to 20 years. Want to make it to the two-decade mark and beyond? Keep it well-maintained.

The more breakdowns you have, the more the unit just gets worn down. Even if doesn’t stop working, those parts wear out faster if they’re not cleaned and lubricated.

Meanwhile, those repair costs add up over time. Then you’re hit again when you have to invest in a new unit sooner than you anticipated.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Keep the warranty on your industrial HVAC unit valid

An industrial HVAC unit is a huge expense. Fortunately, it comes with a warranty. If there’s a problem, the manufacturer often covers the cost of repairs or replacement for however long the warranty is in effect. But, there’s a catch: You need to have the AC serviced regularly.

Go ahead and read the fine print on the agreement. For the warranty to remain valid, you must get regular maintenance for it.

And, you can’t get just anyone to poke around with it. You need a company that’s certified to work on your particular brand.

Take a look around the Bovio website. You’ll see lists some big HVAC names and their logo. We don’t put those up just for show.

We’re authorized to work on brands like Carrier and Mitsubishi. We also keep track of our maintenance calls. This way, the manufacturer can access them if there’s a problem down the line.

On top of that, we also keep up on industry-wide certification through NATE — North American Technician Excellence – and the Building Performance Institute.

Service contracts for industrial HVAC units

Service contracts for industrial HVAC units take the benefits of preventative maintenance a step further. You’ll get your air conditioner checked over and optimized before using it. On top of that, you can:

  1. Schedule maintenance calls easily
  2. Save money on repairs or replacement parts
  3. Get priority service during peak seasons

Rather than pay per appointment, a service contract lets you pay just a little each month. In return, you get extra benefits.

We offer a few different levels of contracts. At the minimum, you get two maintenance calls a year. That’s one for the AC and another for heating.

Then, there are more features to consider.
Service Plans From Bovio

Schedule maintenance calls easily

This is standard with any contract, and it’s popular with property managers.

Since you’re on the program for service, you can schedule your appointment well ahead of time. There’s no extra expense that month, nor any hassle trying to set it up. Once you’re in our system, we make sure you get what you paid for.

Save money on repairs or replacement parts

This is another benefit for a property manager’s budget. With this contract feature, you don’t have to pay extra when we replace some normal wear and tear items.

These are the parts that are bound to break at some point. When the contract covers them, you don’t end up with an extra expense at service time.

Get priority service during peak seasons

This is a big one. We mentioned before that an AC headed for a breakdown will likely stop working in the middle of the summer. That’s not just Murphy’s Law in effect.

The higher the temperature outside, the harder your system works. That extra stress can cause a breakdown. And, you’re not the only one with this problem.

A reliable, trusted HVAC company will end up with a backlog of calls in the summer. That’s where priority service comes in handy.

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When you add this to your contract, you get pushed to the front of the line when you call. Priority service reduces costly downtime when your business is without air conditioning.

When you service your AC before you start using it, you’ll extend its life and save yourself hassle and expenses. With a service contract, those benefits become even more valuable.

Sign up today for Bovio’s Comfort Shield program, and find out how our preventative maintenance programs can keep your commercial air conditioner running for years to come.

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