Adding Ductless To A Somers Point Home

June 15, 2017

Ryan Aron

Somers Point Bovio.pngOne good thing led to another for a couple in Somers Point, NJ. The homeowners of a two-story home won a contest to have a free single head mini-split air conditioner installed in their house. They put the unit in the master bedroom, and after being wowed by results decided to install more throughout the house.

Problem: Client wanted to utilize mini-split air conditioners throughout their home, after having one installed in their bedroom.

Solution: Installed three Mitsubishi indoor mixed-duct and non-duct units, models MSZGE15NA, MSZGE12NA and SEZKD18NA, and an outdoor model, MXZ5B42NA Seer heating and cooling unit.

Mini-split air conditioners are quickly gaining in popularity and it’s easy to see why: They allow for tightly controlled, zoned heating and air conditioning throughout any home. Rather than drudge up and install noisy window air conditioning units that skyrocket your electric bill in the summer, these small, virtually silent units sit permanently on a wall with minimal installation.


Each Mitsubishi unit alternately cools and heats a room, or “zone,” independently. This gives homeowners like the ones in Somers Point the ultimate in personal climate control! Their two-story, split-level Somers Point home had old baseboard heating with a gas boiler, and no central air conditioning. In a home that big, with many rooms and an expansive layout, mini-split heaters and air conditioners work wonders.

Now, they can set each unit to a different temperature. That means not overheating the first floor so the bedrooms aren’t freezing in the winter, and not paying extra to cool spare, unused bedrooms in the summer.


Our Bovio rep worked closely with these clients to choose just the right model, with different power capacities, for each part of the house. In the end, they chose the Mitsubishi mixed-duct MSZGE15NA and non-ducted MSZGE12NA models for the first floor rooms, and SEZKD18NA models for the second floor. This way, they never worry about a unit that’s too powerful for a small room, or a unit that couldn’t sufficiently heat or cool a larger area.

And, to make the deal even sweeter, the Somer Point homeowners were eligible for a $400 rebate from their utility company for installing energy-efficient units, and they qualified for financing with no-interest for six months.

Looks like that contest was just the beginning of their winning streak!

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