Adding Ductless Units to A Turnersville Master Bedroom

June 15, 2017

Ryan Aron

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It’s frustrating enough when you can’t get the temperature right in your master bedroom. No one wants to be too hot or cold when they’re trying to sleep. What’s even worse is finding out that the configuration of your house makes it just about impossible to add ductwork so you can improve the heating and air conditioning in the master suite!

Fortunately, the owners of a two-story colonial in Turnersville recently learned that you don’t need old-fashioned ductwork to get the job done. When they called Bovio with their problem, we figured out just the right solution.

Problem: The existing ductwork didn’t adequately treat the second floor of a two-story colonial, and there was no room to install more ductwork. This made the master bedroom especially uncomfortable.

Solution: Install a mini-split Mitsubishi system in the master bedroom.

A ductless panel system is a great investment for many homes, and in this case it was the obvious way to go. Ductless systems receive air through small, flexible plastic tubes less than two inches in diameter. The air moves through a wall-mounted system into a room, or “zone,” to heat or cool that immediate area.

In this case, the small flexible tubing meant the panel could be installed in the master suite, where there was no room for ductwork. Finally, no more waking up with cold feet on winter mornings, or tossing and turning all night in the heat of summer! For the first time, the master bedroom in this two-story colonial was truly climate-controlled.



Specifically, Bovio installed a Mitsubishi MUZ-GL09 unit in the room with an MUY-GL09 heat pump as the source. Since this is a zoned system, the Turnersville couple could set the temperature in the master bedroom differently from the rest of the house.

That’s especially useful if they like it warmer when they’re sleeping, or cooler in the rest of the house when they’re moving around. Now, the entire home doesn’t need to go up or down a few degrees when it was time for bed.

Ductless in a Master Bedroom

As you can imagine, this sort of control also saves money! With less fluctuation in temperature, the overall system doesn’t need to work as hard. Plus, if they want the bedroom warmer in the winter, or cooler in the summer, than other rooms, they don’t need to crank up the power to change the temperature of the entire house.

The keyword here is “energy-efficient,” and in parts of New Jersey it can save money in more ways than one. This new system met the requirements to receive a rebate from through the South Jersey Gas Energy Star program, the utility company in Washington Township, where Turnersville is located.

Bovio Specials

This meant the homeowners got an $800 rebate just for installing a new energy-efficient system! And, with no-interest financing for six months that’s even less of an impact on their wallet.

Between the rebate and long-term cost-savings, not to mention their comfy master bedroom, this couple certainly sleeps easy now.

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