Commercial Heating & Cooling

A lot of heating and air conditioning companies will focus on just the residential, or the commercial side. We specialize in both here at Bovio, and have been offering solutions to heat and cool any home or commercial space for over 40 years!
We can help to heat and cool your:

  • Work Building – Any size office or office building.
  • School – From one classroom to a full college!
  • Public Business – Restaurants, Retail Shops, etc.

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What Should You Be Considering?

  • The Size of Your Space – This will make a significant difference in the style of equipment you should be using, and where you can put it, like the roof!
  • The Energy Usage – When choosing this equipment, it’s important to remember the cost of energy use over the many years it will be used.
  • The Trusted Experts – Choosing a trusted and experienced company to help with solutions can mean a huge difference in the effectiveness, long term cost and life span of your system.
  • Your Current System – If you have already had a ducted system, it’s sometimes possible to use the current ducts in your new system as well.
  • Is Your Space Well Insulated – If you don’t have the proper insulation, that has to be taken care of. This is essential to keeping your energy bills down.
  • Do You Need Just A Small Section – If you only need part of your commercial space taken care of, we have solutions for just that. If you have a new addition, or simply a smaller space, that is an easy fix!

Air Conditioning

Don’t let yourself depend on fans to keep you cool in the summer!
One of the best feelings on a hot summer day is walking into a building and having that immediate cool feeling of relief from the air conditioning. Make sure your building is an inviting place, where the weather outside is simply that… outside!

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We can make sure your commercial space is comfortable all year long. Don’t be that place where everyone keeps their hats and coats on all day! Make sure you have the proper heat to make your commercial space ready.
We will make sure your heating is focusing on:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Complete Comfort
  • System Longevity and Performance

Grade School Classroom with Ductless Mini-splitDuctless Heating and Cooling
Not every building was created with room in the walls for duct work. And not every commercial space needs a completely new system if there is only a certain spot that needs to be taken care of. For these 2 reasons and more, we want you to know about the possibilities of using Ductless Heating and Cooling in your commercial space.


Single Zone
A Single Zone System is perfect for an addition, or to fix a particular space that isn't being properly heated and cooled. This ductless technology can be used in the winter, and the summer, and is extremely energy efficient.
Computer Generated Schematic of Mini-Split System in Room

Multi Zone
With a Multi Zoned System, it's easy to have different temperatures in different spaces. This allows for people who disagree about temperatures to all get along, as well as keep energy bills low by not having to heat an entire building to keep one space comfortable.
Computer Generated Schematic of Floor Heating

Ductless is a great new way that many people are keeping their homes and businesses comfortable, for a few reasons...

  • It's Out Of The Way - A lot of businesses like this because the unit hangs, and it runs to condensers outside that aren't nearly the size of a traditional unit.
  • It's Quiet - As opposed to a noisy window AC unit, these are whisper quiet.
  • It's Energy Efficient - The cost in energy savings is usually worth it. If you are replacing a whole system, or simply adding a unit to make sure you aren't over using your main system, this will help to bring energy bills down.

Service Agreements

Would you buy a new car and never have the oil changed? Of course not! So don't do the same thing with your heating and cooling equipment.
Having an expert come out and service your equipment is essential to getting the absolute most out of your system. Having your regular service will...

  • Keep your system from failing most importantly!
  • Keep your system running at max efficiency.
  • Ensure your system lasts as long as possible.
  • Complies with many warranties.

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                                                     Our Success Stories

Replacing the Heating and Air Conditioning at Lowe's in Turnersville, NJ

We made sure that this Lowe's was going to be comfortable all year long. Check out a little more about the story here!

Replacing the Heating and Cooling at Lowe's

Rooftop Units Snow

                                                  Want to Know More?

If you have any questions about ANYTHING when it comes to heating or cooling your commercial space, please let us know! If you have questions about...

  • What system works best for your space?
  • What are the price ranges for what I'm looking for?
  • Can an expert look at my space and suggest a solution?
  • Has Bovio worked with a space like mine before?

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