Dryer Vent Cleaning

Contact Bovio for dryer vent cleaning in New Jersey, and let us save you money and protect the safety of your home and family. The process is quick, affordable, and typically a requirement of the manufacturer’s warranty of your dryer. Our professionals draw from extensive experience and training, leading-edge technology and specialized tools to access the entirety of the venting system. The results improve the efficiency of the appliance, extends service life, ensures greater reliability, and trims drying times.

Studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association blame malfunctioning clothes dryers for over 15,500 US household fires. Prevention is the key. Rather than allow lint and debris to build up within the appliance and vent duct, the specialists from Bovio complete meticulous cleaning. Along with dust and lint, contaminants such as bugs, webs, and even decomposing birds or rodents, leads to strain on components, cutting service life in half, raising running costs, and putting your family at risk.

Call on Bovio at 856-272-7000 for annual dryer vent cleaning. If your dryer is running longer than usual, smelling of burning lint, or clothes are damp or hot at the end of the cycle, don’t wait. Lint is extremely flammable, and cleaning the lint trap isn’t enough. The team from Bovio takes the necessary steps to ensure maximum rewards, without causing damage to your appliance or disruption to your home. We are the experts you can count on for dryer vent cleaning across New Jersey.