Ductless Giveaway From Bovio! 

Bovio is giving one lucky homeowner a new Ductless unit for free! Ductless units are one of the best new pieces of Home Comfort Technology out, and can make a huge difference in any home! 


Win A Free Ductless Unit!

What is Ductless Good For…

Ductless Units have a lot of unique benefits…

  • Perfect for a bedroom or addition. Any place that doesn’t get proper heating or cooling.
  • Doesn’t require ducts or vents
  • Runs efficiently, lowering energy use & bills
  • Extremely quiet
  • Allows for zoned temperatures. Perfect for those people who can’t agree on what temperature they like it!


Learn More About Ductless

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Ductless Heating and Cooling is a fairly new technology. It uses no vents to carry air from a central unit throughout a house like a traditional system. It also provides different temperatures in different areas unlike a traditional system. 

Here you can learn a little more about how it works, what zoned temperatures can do for your home, and the benefits of ductless in your home!