Five Benefits of a Commercial HVAC Service Contract

Five Benefits of Commercial HVAC Service Contracts Near Cherry Hill, NJ

Five Benefits of a Commercial HVAC Service ContractA service contract for your commercial HVAC system is beneficial because it helps you:

  1. Keep Warranties Valid
  2. Avoid Costly Breakdowns
  3. Save Money On Repairs
  4. Keep Your Energy Bills Down
  5. Stay on Top of Maintenance

Here’s a tech-world term that applies just as much to HVAC: “Run to Failure.” It’s when you work your equipment until it breaks down for good.

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Maybe that’s a good idea if your heater or air conditioning system is old and on its way out.

But, if your system is under 15 years old, and especially if it’s still under warranty, you want to keep it running as well as possible for as long as possible.

That’s where a commercial HVAC service contract comes in.

Commercial HVAC FAQs

Regular maintenance keeps your expenses down and your system running smoothly. It’s the same if you’re in charge of an office park in Cherry Hill, or just looking after the rooftop unit above your store in Medford.

You can get different service contracts depending on how old your system is and what services you need. But, overall they’re a huge help.

Commercial Service Contracts Keep Warranties Valid

Regular maintenance with a service contract keeps the warranties on your HVAC system valid. Without that, you run the risk of having to pay for a new system well before you should.

Dig out the paperwork from your system, and read the fine print. Odds are, it stipulates that it has to be maintained regularly. And, a company certified for their products must maintain it.

It sounds like a bunch of hoops to jump through. But, a service contract kills both those birds with one stone.

Service Plans From Bovio
First off, Bovio works with Carrier, Mitsubishi, and a host of other well-known brands. Second, when you get a service contract, we take care of all that paperwork.

Part of the deal is that we keep records of your maintenance for the manufacturer. If a problem comes up, we’ve got you covered.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns With a Commercial Service Contract

Commercial HVAC is sort of a high-stakes game. If the heat or AC goes down, a lot of people — and a lot of people’s bottom lines — get affected.

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Take commercial kitchens, for example. OSHA weighs in on how hot it can get in there. If the heat can cause health problems, you can run into problems.

Or, let’s say the AC goes out in an office park, for instance. You’ll be scrambling to get if fixed while fielding angry phone calls from tenants with sweltering, humid suites.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Sure, a service contract can’t prevent every single problem. But, it can head off a lot of them.

When you’re signed up for regular maintenance, you’re fixing things before they reach their breaking points — literally.

During a tune-up, we identify any worn-out parts and replace them before they break. We also lubricate any of the moving parts to prevent any excess wear and tear.

This way, the part gets replaced before you’re facing a race against time to diagnose the problem and get the system up and running.

With a service contract, you keep everything running smoothly, without those stressful and costly hiccups.

Save Money On Repairs

Speaking of costly hiccups, let’s talk about how much you’re spending on repairs — and how a service contract can reduce that amount.

First of all, there’s another factor to that whole, “replacing a worn-out part before it breaks.” And, that’s saving money.

When you catch a problem in its early stages, you’re likely also finding it before it affects another component. So, you’re repairing or replacing one item instead of two or three.

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Then, you’re not paying more for emergency service or extra diagnostic fees when the system takes a dive.

That’s just got to do with the tune-ups. The contract, in particular, saves you even more money.

A good service contract also offers some discounts on parts and repairs. Some minor fixes may also be free.

At that point, a contract pays for itself after it covers a few repairs or replacements.

Commercial HVAC Service Contract Lower Energy Bills

Next, let’s see how a service contract saves you money all the time — not just when you’re spending less on repairs. Here, we’re talking about the effect it has on your building’s energy consumption. Specifically: Your energy bills are lower with maintenance under contract.

Ok, maybe it’s not the contract itself. But, it’s the service you’re getting with it that makes a huge difference.

And, as we’ll see a little lower, locking into regular maintenance makes it easier to keep up on it all.

Now, onto how this works.

It’s pretty simple: Any machine that’s in great shape works better than one that’s falling apart.

When it comes to your HVAC system, the better shape it’s in, the less energy — gas, electric, whatever — it needs to do the job.

This topic was the subject of a study by the Building Efficiency Initiative. That’s a group dedicated to providing resources on energy efficiency for commercial buildings and energy systems.

By their metrics, regular maintenance can reduce expenses related to your HVAC system by anywhere from five to 40 percent.

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If the range makes it sound vague, that’s because of all the factors that go into your specific setup.

But, when you think about that coupled with the other benefits of maintenance under a service contract, the savings add up.

Stay On Top of Maintenance

We mentioned earlier that you need to keep up on maintenance, so the warranties on your HVAC equipment remain valid.

And, by now, we hope you’re confident that those regular tune-ups are valuable in and of themselves.

So, here’s the last part: Remembering to get it done!

HVAC is our lives, not yours. For you, it’s just one more item on a laundry list of things you’re thinking about at work.

A service contract takes a little something off your mind.

When you sign up, you’re not just getting the service. You’re also getting the appointments. Meaning: We stay on top of when it’s time for another visit, not you.

When it’s getting close to tune-up time, we’ll send you emails and reminders to set an appointment. Then, all you have to do is set up a time when we can stop by.

It’s a small thing, we know. But, for a busy building owner or property manager, it frees up some mental bandwidth. After all, everyone can use one less thing to worry about.

So, if you’re looking to keep your expenses down, your system up and running, and get a little bit of busywork off your plate, give us a call at Bovio. We’re happy to walk you through what you’ll get with our service contracts, and how they’ll benefit your business specifically.

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