Gas Conversion Process

The switchover to high efficiency gas equipment will save you both energy and money, while keeping you more comfortable. In addition to not having to worry about oil deliveries, oil puff backs, and high bills, natural gas equipment is up to 96% efficient, and natural gas is much less expensive than oil, propane, or electric. That means that less of your money goes to heating your home and out your flue.

If you have gas in your neighborhood, but not in your home, the time to convert your home to natural gas is now!!! Natural gas is a less expensive fuel than oil, propane, or electric and the process to convert to gas could not be easier. Simply give the knowledgeable staff here at Bovio’s a call and we will come out to help you decide what the right solution for you and your family is. We will help you fill out the applications for gas service and the great $0 Down, 0% for 60 months financing. We would also apply for all local permits that are needed.

After the gas service, financing and permit applications are approved, we would schedule a time convenient to you for us to come out and run gas piping throughout the interior of your home (we can also provide piping for future appliances). The gas piping is then pressurized and meticulously checked for leaks by our skilled technicians. We then let the pipe sit with pressure in it for some time. Then both Bovio’s and your Plumbing Inspector will come out and verify that the pressure has held. This ensures that your gas piping system is safe and leak free. We will also coordinate to have your oil tank removed and the gas line ran to your home.

Of course, we will also be installing your new high efficiency equipment. This portion will take roughly two days to complete, but in most cases you will not be without heating or A/C overnight.

The time to start the process is now. The great incentives available now are not going to last long and it can take some time for SJ Gas to run the gas line to your home.

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