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Sometimes when it comes to making sure your home heating system is operating correctly and efficiently, the question becomes, “Should I repair or replace my furnace?” Sure, you could make stabs in the dark as to how to best secure a comfortable home for the remainder of the winter. Or, you could save the headache (and the money) and call in the home heating experts here in Southern Jersey, Bovio!

Our Bovio furnace and boiler technicians are specially trained to diagnose, maintain, and correct problems for your entire system. Our training allows our technicians to properly adjust system controls to factory recommended specifications and test the performance of the entire system. This provides you with everything you need to keep your home warm throughout the winter while knowing you aren’t spending any more than you need to on your monthly heating costs!

Furnace Tune-Up, Cleaning and Safety Inspection

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Keep Your Furnace at Peak Efficiency with an Annual Tune-Up

Our furnace tune-up includes a 20 point inspection aimed at locating any inefficiencies that could be costing you comfort and energy.  We also include this 20 point inspection for subscribers to The Bovio Comfort Shield, which offers homeowners throughout Washington Township, Monroe Township, Cherry Hill, Medford, and Voorhees, NJ peace of mind knowing their annual furnace and air conditioner maintenance is taken care of. Plus, it offers exclusive discounts and loyalty perks!

Our 20 point heating tune-up includes:

  1. Carbon Monoxide – Test air flow in your duct system for dangerous carbon monoxide
  2. Thermostat – Test for proper operation, calibrate and level
  3. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  4. Ignition System – Test for safe and proper operation
  5. Exhaust System – Test for proper venting
  6. Measure supply/return temperature differential
  7. Safety & Control Circuits – Test for proper operation
  8. Clean existing air filter
  9. Lubricate and clean blower motor air vents
  10. Furnace Burner – Clean and inspect (brush and vacuum)
  11. Visual inspection of heat exchangers for dangerous cracks and wear
  12. Humidifier – Inspect Control and Valve
  13. Gas Pressure – Measure and adjust for peak efficiency
  14. Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer’s instructions
  15. Blower Motor – Measure amperage and voltage for proper operation
  16. Electrical Wiring – Inspect and tighten connections
  17. Natural Gas – Check for leaks
  18. Inspect air ducts for leakage or condensation
  19. Drain Pump – Inspect and algae treat pan
  20. Drain Line – Inspect and clean

Ready to solve your home heating issues once and for all? Get your furnace or boiler tuned up and ready for winter. Call Bovio or get in touch here.

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