Honeywell Lyric T-6 Pro WI-Fi Thermostat Giveaway 

Right now Bovio is giving away a FREE Honeywell Lyric T-6 Pro WI-Fi Thermostat. Just fill out the form and check your email to see the results!

This thermostat can do a TON for your home and HVAC system

  • Access your HVAC system controls from your smart phone or tablet
  • Energy Star certified, reducing energy costs 
  • Uses Geo tracking with your phone so it knows when you’re coming home, and adjusts the temp for you
  • Smart technology that works with Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit
  • Allows you to program a schedule for different days/times of day

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The Benefits of a Wifi Thermostat

When you install a Wifi Thermostat in your home, you are improving your home, helping out your HVAC system, the environment, and your energy bills!

  • Access From Phone or Tablet – One of the coolest features wifi thermostats offer is the control from your smart phone or tablet. You don’t have to walk to the thermostat on the wall anymore to adjust your temperatures. You can simply go onto the app on your phone or tablet to set the thermostat however you’d like. 
  • It Reduces Energy Use – Because these thermostats are easily adjustable, programmable, and smart, they are designed to make sure your HVAC system uses the least amount of energy possible. This is a huge benefit financially, and a huge help for the environment as well. Less energy used means a reduced carbon footprint. 
  • Uses Geo-tracking – You can hook your phone up to the system so it knows when you are home or even on your way home. Then it can make sure the temperature is just the way you like it when you arrive!
  • Makes The Home Smart – The Honeywell Lyric T-6 Pro WI-Fi Thermostat works with Amazon Echo, as well as Apple Homekit. More and more companies are making their appliances compatible with these smart systems to add convenience, and this smart thermostat is no different!