Lint Alert

Keep Your Home Safe

Having a smoke alarm in your New Jersey home is essential to keeping your family safe in case of the worst. What if you had a detector that could allow you to prevent a fire from ever starting though?

Lint Alert is a new technology that attaches to your dryer, and lets you know if there is a problem that could lead to a fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration and Homeland Security, over 40 dryers per day catch fire in the U.S.!


dryer after lint fire

How It Works

The Lint Alert doesn’t just start signaling the alarm when something is wrong. It monitors the system all the time and keeps you informed about the air flow at all levels.

First, an Air Pressure Sensor is installed into the vent that leads from your dryer to the outside. This takes very small samples of the air pressure and gauges it to see how well the air is flowing.

Next, the Lint Alert will light up Green, Yellow or Red, to indicate how clear or congested the vent is.

  • Green – There are 3 green lights, and when these are lit, everything is fine. Your dryer is still safe and there is air flow. By the time the 3rd one lights up though, it may be time to have the vent cleaned out.
  • Yellow – Yellow means you are pushing the limit and need to have your vent cleaned out before it becomes a real hazard.
  • Red – When the light turns red, an alarm will also go off, letting you know that the air flow has been blocked, and it has now become a serious fire hazard.


Lint Alert device connected to dryer in laundry room

Lint Alert is designed to let you know if there is a problem in your dryer that could lead to it catching fire.

Making sure your air dryer vent is clear becomes easier than it’s ever been. Your Lint Alert will show Green, Yellow, and Red to let you know how well the air is passing through your system.

This will make it easy to know when it’s time to have to vent cleaned, and keep your home from falling victim to a very common cause of house fires.


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Why Do You Need One?

Lint Alert is simple and easy. Not only does built up lint become a fire hazard, but it also reduces the effectiveness of your dryer. When your dryer doesn’t expel that moisture in the air, it will sometimes stop doing such a great job of drying. Installing a Lint Alert into your home will:

  • Help prevent a very common and basic house fire.
  • Keep your dryer working at the optimal capacity, instead of being overworked and running loads of laundry twice to dry them.
  • Gives you an indication to take action before any problems occur.


Talk To A Bovio Comfort Specialist About Lint Alert

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