Rebates from Bovio and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program


Right now Bovio is teaming up with the state of New Jersey to offer you rebates on New Energy Efficient Equipment! Through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, we are able to offer rebates on new high efficiency equipment. The reason New Jersey is offering these rebates is to reduce the amount of energy that is used by older, less efficient equipment. Upgrading your home to one of these new systems will improve the value of your home, reduce your energy bills, and reduce the effect on the environment.

So what are the rebates that are being offered?

COOLAdvantage Program Cooling Heating

The COOLAdvantage Program provides rebates for energy efficient central air conditioners or heat pumps as well as “best practices” on proper sizing and installation that affect operating efficiency. To be eligible, you must purchase, install, and operate a system that meets all applicable efficiency requirements. You must also use a properly trained contractor, certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE). It’s not just the quality of the equipment installed, it’s also the quality of the installation. It takes good training and advanced technology to properly install today’s high efficiency equipment.


When it comes to requirements about the efficiency of the equipment and what rebates the equipment qualifies for, here is a chart provided by the COOLAdvantage Program.

Heat pump rebate amounts are based on the unit’s SEER, EER and HSPF ratings and documentation that the proper installation requirements have been met. All three rating factors must meet minimum requirements in order to qualify for a rebate (except for geothermal).

The experts at Bovio can help you decide what the best equipment is for your home, and let you know what rebates the equipment is eligible for. If you’d like to talk to someone who can provide you with more information, we’d be glad to help. Just call us at (856) 599-5291, or click on the button below to contact us!


The same applies for air conditioning rebates at well. The amount of rebate you are eligible to receive is based upon the efficiency of the system you are purchasing. These rebates will help to offset the cost of your new system, and in the long run will be saving you money on bills, while doing a better job in your home.


$300 Instant Rebate from Bovio

In addition to these rebates, we are also providing a $300 instant rebate on any new installation! We want to make sure we are doing our part along with the state to provide incentives for New Jersey residents to improve their home comfort equipment. When homeowners install this new energy efficient equipment, it helps the environment, improves the quality of a home, and reduces energy bills for homeowners. With such great results from these installations, we want to make sure we are doing our part to give back. Please let us know if you have any questions, by calling us at (856) 599-5291, or clicking on the button below to get in contact with us.

Saving Energy: The Home Performance Process

energy-starHome Performance with Energy Star & Bovio ACES Can help Save you up to $4,000 On Your New System Installation.

As energy prices continue to rise, replacing your old, inefficient equipment with Energy Star products can help improve the comfort of our home while lowering your energy bills!

The New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program allows homeowners the opportunity to upgrade home systems to high efficiency while maintaining the price for standard efficiency equipment. Within the program, customers are eligible to receive up to $4,000 in rebates and can fund their project with a $10,000, 0% No Money Down loan for as long as 7 years.

In addition to this program, homeowners can claim up to a $500.00 tax credit (you get the money!) when you file your taxes. Add in our $300.00 system coupon and up to $1,100.00 in manufacturers rebates and you can save up to $6,900.00 on energy saving home improvements!

The program is initiated with a Home Energy Assessment performed on your home. One of our trained and certified BPI Energy Auditors will come out and pinpoint moisture issues, system inefficiencies, air leakage, insulation levels, and other money saving opportunities. Using your energy bills, our Auditors can then lay out a plan on how to reduce the maximum amount of energy consumption in your home by applying various energy saving measures. From Crawlspace Vapor Barriers to Attic Air Sealing our Green Retro-Fit Division will tighten up your home safely. With high efficiency Energy Star Furnaces, Air Conditioners, and Water Heaters, our mechanical Divisions will ensure your home will remain comfortable for years while saving on energy bills.

The process is simple:

  1. You start with a Home Energy Assessment, and then we will provide you with a suite of options to help you save money on your energy bills, and qualify you for the program.
  2. After you decide which qualifying option you want, all you need to do is sign your contract and fill out the EFS Credit Application (We can help you with that).
  3. You will have a credit preapproval within 2 days, and after that will need to provide some backup information to the financing company, and Bovio’s will take care of all the other paperwork and program approval processing, which generally takes 1-2 weeks, but rest assured if you are without heating or cooling we do not have to wait for all the paperwork.
  4. After we have all financing and program approvals, we will contact you to schedule your system replacement and insulation and air sealing work.
  5. You sign a form saying the job is complete, and that is it!