Ever forced to take an ice cold shower because all the hot water had run out? At Bovio, we work hard to make sure your South Jersey home has a hot water heater correctly sized for your family and ready to handle all the showers, dishwashing, laundry cycles, and more that you can throw at it. Heating Installation

  • Professional water heater installation and repair

  • Gas water heaters and tankless (on demand) water heating systems available from Bradford White and Navien

  • Save energy, lower water heating costs, and say goodbye to cold showers

Find the Right Water Heater for Your NJ Home

Water heater adjustmentIf you have an aging water heater and you’re looking to lower your water heating costs as well as improve the amount of hot water your home needs on a daily basis, there are a number of different types of energy efficient water heaters available.

Gas Hot Water Heaters from Bradford White

Bradford White water heaters are some of the best traditional tank storage heaters available, and come with exclusive features, at no extra charge, like Hydrojet® Total Performance System, Vitraglas® tank lining, and the ICON System™ intelligent gas control. New Bradford White heaters are energy efficient, meeting your daily water usage needs all year round at a fraction of the cost of your old gas water heater.

Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters from NavienNavian combi-boiler unit

Looking for even more energy savings? Navien tankless water heaters don’t rely on a storage supply of heated water—using advanced technology, they can produce hot water instantaneously, as soon as you open the faucet. You’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water from a storage tank, and you don’t use up additional energy keeping reserves of water warm and ready for use.

With a Navien tankless hot water heater, you’ll save money, energy, and space (most of a water heater’s bulk is taken up by its storage tank—a Navien hot water heater is so compact it can be mounted on your wall). And you’ll have all the hot water you could want, right when you want it.

South Jersey’s Leading Hot Water Heater Repair Company

Is your hot water heater not working, and you’re looking around trying to find out who fixes water heaters? The whole home experts at South Jersey’s best water heater company, Bovio, can get your system back up and running in no time! We fix all makes and models, and can give our recommendations for the best water heaters to upgrade to, as well as the cost to install water heaters in your home.

From water heater installation to repair, Bovio can help save you money and meet your home’s water needs. Call (856) 203-7395 or contact us to learn more.