Bad News: Even if you have high insulation levels you could still be wasting a large chunk of the money you spend to heat and cool your home. If your home is leaky and air is moving through your insulation, besides letting conditioned air escape from your home, the movement of air through your existing insulation greatly reduces its effectiveness.

Good News: This can be fixed! Air sealing, or tightening, your home is one of the most critical features of making it energy efficient. Particular attention should be paid to your attic floor as there are several areas where conditioned air escapes from your home in the attic, particularly in the winter time. Hot air is always rising, and looking for ways to escape your home along with your precious heating dollars. A home is a like a hot air balloon that cannot get off the ground, and hot air escapes through the tops of walls, around light fixtures, wiring and plumbing penetrations, and other penetrations from your home to your attic.

Identifying and sealing the air leakage paths from your home to your attic is usually one of the most cost effective energy conservation measures you can take. After we seal the attic, the next priorities are your house to garage connection and the basement and/or crawlspace.

Sealing these 3 areas will increase energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and promote a healthier indoor air quality.

And do not worry we will NOT make your home TOO tight, before we do any air sealing or weatherization to your home, we first will conduct a home energy assessment on your home to identify what your biggest energy savers would be. The energy assessment includes a blower door test to determine what the actual leakage of your home is and we compare that number to calculation of how leaky your home should be. We then project how tight we will make it, and compare the projection to the safe level of tightness for your home and family. We also verify the results of the air sealing after the work is performed to make sure it was effective and confirm we did not make the home too tight.

If for some reason your home is too tight, we can add controlled fresh air ventilation to ensure your home has the right amount of fresh air.

In addition to air sealing, Bovio’s also offers the following weatherization services:

  • Attic Hatch Covers
  • Caulk leaky windows and trimwork
  • Door gaskets and sweeps
  • Fireplace dampers

Weatherization in Washington Township, Monroe Township & Cherry Hill, NJ.